Osteopathy is a ‘hands on’ therapy that helps remove or reduce restrictions within the body. These restrictions may be muscular, joint, nervous, circulatory or any combination of these. Once restrictions are removed then ‘health’ can resume.


Osteopathy uses a wide range of techniques from very gentle Cranial Osteopathic Manipulation, (sometimes referred to as “Cranio Sacral” therapy), to joint manipulation (where a joint ‘click’ is often heard), and many other techniques in-between. As each patient and their problem is unique, each treatment is tailor made for the individual, there is no standard formula.

What And Who Can It Help?

Because of the wide range of techniques it can help from the cradle (colic, poor sleep, poor feeding…) all the way through to our senior years (sports/work injuries, limbs, head aches, arthritic pain…)

Osteopathy And Age

Many people learn to live with aches and pains as they get older either because they think that nothing can be done or because they’ve been told by health professionals that nothing can be done…”its just part of getting old….learn to live with it”.

Osteopathy is not a great cure all, but there are many gentle Osteopathic techniques which can be used to greatly reduce or even totally eliminate some symptoms associated with aging.

Just how beneficial Osteopathy can be, will vary from one person to the next, the reason for this being that we are all so uniquely different.

Over a life time we will all build up our own unique injury/medical history, bad postural/work habits, dietary and genetics histories…all the things that affect us. Osteopathy is not treatment by numbers so all of this has to be taken into account so that the treatment is tailor made and as effective as possible for the individual.

As stated we are all individual, but a common theme as we get older is Osteoarthritis of the joints, especially the more weight bearing joints. Basically Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear process, if you use anything again and again year in year out, be it your body or your car…it will start to wear out!

Osteopathy can not reverse the wear and tear that has been done but it can be very beneficial in relaxing the muscles around the affected area. This relaxation will help to normalise the movement of the joint and so start to reduce the pain. This relaxation will also help to increase the flow of good blood to the joint and the flow of waste products away , again helping to reduce the pain.

This is just one example of how Osteopathy can help with age related problems. We can also help with other conditions such as; Rheumatoid Arthritis, Headaches, Post Operative / Joint Replacement Surgery,and many more.

If you would like to know more about these or talk about any other conditions then please contact me.